Journal of Reformed Theology special issue: on neo-Calvinism and race

JRT cover

The most recent edition of the Journal of Reformed Theology includes six articles that first saw the light of day as papers at the 2015 Kuyper Conference at Princeton Theological Seminary on neo-Calvinism and race.

  1. Jessica Joustra, ‘An Embodied Imago Dei
  2. Ad de Bruijne, ‘Abraham Kuyper’s surprising love of the Jews’
  3. Hans van der Jagt, ‘Coffee Colored Calvinists’
  4. James Eglinton, ‘Varia Americana and Race’
  5. George Harinck, ‘”Wipe out lines of division (not distinction)”‘
  6. Jeff Liou, ‘Talking up #blacklivesmatter’

Back in 2015, the conference prompted this thoughtful Cardus response – which asked whether the Kuyperian tradition is adequately resourced to counter the racist aspects of its own inheritance – by Jeff Liou and David Robinson. In that context, I am glad to see these papers in print, and hope they can further the discussion already begun by David and Jeff.

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