Festschrift for Barend Kamphuis

Weergaloze kennis - Onder redactie van Ad de Bruijne, Hans Burger en Dolf Te Velde

Weergaloze kennis (Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum Uitgevers, 2015)

Last week marked the end of an era at my former workplace, the Theologische Universiteit Kampen: the retirement of Prof. dr. Barend Kamphuis, who had served as Professor of Systematic Theology since 1987. His farewell lectureVerborgen in God: Christologie na de hemelvaart (‘Hidden in God: Christology after the Ascension’) was live streamed via the Nederlands Dagblad website.

To mark the occasion, Hans Burger, Ad de Bruinje and Dolf te Velde co-edited a festschrift entitled Weergaloze Kennis: Opstellen over Jezus Christus, Openbaring en Schrift, Katholiciteit en Kerk (All-surpassing knowledge: Essays on Jesus Christ, Revelation and Scripture, Catholicity and Church).

My chapter, Het woord en onze woorden (The Word and our words), explores the relationship of the incarnation of Christ (construed as a divine speech act, whereby God gives himself in the incarnation by speaking his eternal Logos) to human speech acts, drawing primarily on Bavinck’s 1901 work De Welsprekendheid (Eloquence) and Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age.

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